Training and coaching

All our activities aim at transferring experience and know-how to the client.

The philosophy of know-how transfer enables us to abandon the traditional consulting system “do it and go”. Selected consulting projects are implemented in the form of a coaching activity, during which the client’s employees cooperate directly on the output, which is subsequently finalized in cooperation as well. This leads to a direct transfer of knowledge, skills and experience, which can then be further carried and developed by the client’s employees with our support.

Training projects

We consider the process of training an automatic part of the entire policy as it provides an institution’s human resources development. We provide the following range of services to our clients:

  • analysis of employees’ training needs;
  • creation of a training plan and its management system;
  • preparation and organization of seminars on specialized topics in the fields of programme and project management, soft skills and others;
  • providing of expert performances, conference lectures, meetings, symposia, etc.;
  • creation and management of training systems implemented on project basis for a specific customer;
  • creation and management of e-learning and blended-learning courses based on the Moodle LMS;
  • development of employees’ range of experience – professional organization of study tours, business seminars etc.;
  • facilitation of managers’ meetings, discussions – e.g. as part of quality methodology management (CAF, EFQM and others).

We provide the above-mentioned services in cooperation with our other division s supported by the other company division team, who provides professional conference and interpreting services including simultaneous interpreting using IR technology. For more see

Our experience and relevant references are outlined in the Implemented Projects section.